How to stay healthy and germ-free during holiday travel

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If you’re taking a trip to visit relatives or getting away over the holidays, Fox News is offering advice on staying healthy while you travel.

Hand sanitizer wipes – Every surface you touch in the airport, in the bathroom, and on the plane is a potential transmission point for germs.  As much as you can, wipe down every surface you are going to touch before you put your hand on it.  That includes door handles, paper towel dispensers, and even your chair arms in the waiting area and on the plane.  Choose wipes over liquid or gel sanitizer, because once the liquid evaporates, the benefits are gone. 

Protect your nose –Dab a little Neosporin ointment in my nose to help fight off bacteria and other germs.  If you tend to get sick easily, give yourself some extra protection by wearing a mask you can pick up at a drug store.  If you are sick and absolutely have to travel, keep your germs to yourself.  Buy a mask and wear it for the duration of your travels. Everyone around you will thank you.

Boost your immunity – Take EmergenC as a precaution before you travel and while you’re away from home.  It provides a big dose of vitamin C, as well as other nutrients, to help boost your immune system.  It comes in a variety of flavors as a powder in single serve packets.  Just pour a packet into a 16-ounce water bottle, shake well, and you’ll be boosting your immunity while you stay hydrated.

Hydrate – Make sure you drink plenty of water while you are away from home.  You can’t take water through the security checkpoint at the airport, but once you pass the detectors, you can pick up a bottle and get started on it in the waiting area, before taking it with you on the plane.  If you bring your water with you, you won’t have to wait for the flight attendants to get everyone settled or start their drink service.  If you forget to pick up a bottle – or if you finish it off – just ask the flight attendants for more.  Some will even give you the entire bottle if you ask.

Pack a snack – Your fellow passengers aren’t the only ones who can pass on germs while you travel.  Flight attendants can easily pass germs from one person to another.  If possible, pack your own snacks for the trip so you won’t be tempted to eat food that was touched by someone who might be sick.  Just remember, the 3-ounce TSA rule for liquids applies to things like salad dressing.  Sunflower seeds, nuts, and other dry items are a good choice.


BYOM – Bring your own magazine. Don’t handle the items in the seat pocket in front of you unless you have to.  

Once you land, don’t think you’re safe from germs just because you made it through your flight. Be as careful in your destination airport as you were at your departure area.  Use your wipes to clean bathroom door handles, or open them with a tissue. As soon as your luggage comes off the carousel, wipe off the handles. Also, don’t forget to wash or wipe your hands often, especially after you touch a public surface like the handrail on an escalator.

Source: Fox News






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