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Gun control debate sparks run on ammo and mags

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ARCHDALE, NC --- The tragedy in Connecticut has brought up a debate over gun control, and that debate has caused a run on assault weapon magazines and ammo, said one local gun dealer.

Don Efird of Archdale Ammo and Arms said he was hard-pressed to find a supplier with any assault rifle magazines left over.

He said its a nationwide phenomenon.

"Every time an incident [like the Connecticut shooting] happens, whatever gun was used pops up on screens, and people try to buy them," Efird said.

Efird said gun owners are afraid the government will ban those weapons, so they rush to buy them before that happens.

Efird said something similar happened with extended handgun clips after a mass shooting in Tuscon in January of 2011.

Efird said more magazines and rounds of ammo will be manufactured eventually, but demand will likely continue to skyrocket as long as Congress considers an assault weapons ban.

California Senator Diane Feinstein said she plans on trying to re-instate the one that expired under President George W. Bush when Congress meets next year.