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Personal information compromised in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --- A Winston-Salem woman whose personal information was found alongside Stratford Road, says other parents of a now closed Winston-Salem daycare need to check their credit report because their personal information could have been leaked too.

Ikeshia Knight was contacted by a man who found a file from her son's daycare Thursday. 

When Ikeshia met the man at the daycare, more files were on the ground, near the dumpster and in the playground.  

The papers had sensitive information from other parent's and children dating back to 2002.

"It has my son's doctor on here,  his medical history, it has my signature, my son's social security number,  my social security number,"  says Knight.

Higher Learning on Kerensky Street closed November 15th.  

Knight still does not understand how the information got outside or on Stratford Road given her son hasn't attended the school in more than 6 years.

"I feel very I feel extremely helpless.  I don't know what to do my information been sitting out here and I don't know how its been used, when its been used," says Knight.

When told about the files, Ladonna Dudley the owner of the Higher Learning said, "oh my God! I don't know how this happened." 

Dudley says she is moving out of the building and had packed up all sensitive information to be shredded. She claimed no one has been in the building in several days. 

While Dudley is trying to figure out how the paperwork got outside, so is the state Attorney General's office and the Department of Social Services.

It is against state law for any business to improperly dispose of personal information.

Meanwhile Knight says, "I don't feel safe because now I am going to have monitor my credit report, monitor my son's and have to make sure nobody has my address."