Women angry at being called ‘fat girls’ on restaurant receipt

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STOCKTON, Calif. -- A group of women say they are outraged after being called “fat girls” on a restaurant receipt.

Christina Duran says she enjoyed an evening with her friends at Cameo Club Casino’s restaurant but was shocked to read the receipt.

“I got the bill, and I was like, ‘why does the receipt say, fat girls?’” she said. She says her friends thought she was joking.

When the server returned, she said he denied having anything to do with it. She said he had a smirk on his face as if he was trying not to laugh.

The server reportedly told them that Jeff, the name on the receipt, must have been the one who typed it up – but Jeff was gone.

The three women said they demanded to speak to a manager.

The women said the manager apologized, but his first reaction was to offer 25 percent off the bill.

Christina Huerta says she took a photo of the receipt because she wants others to see it.

“I just want to tell them that we’re sincerely sorry for that, and that we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that this never happens to anyone ever again,” said bar manager Jimmy Seimers.

The managers say they hope the three women will return to the business, so they can apologize in person.