Deere-Hitachi recruiting welders through Forsyth Tech

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Forsyth County,NC -- Deere Hitachi staff met with students in Forsyth Tech's Gas Metal Arc Welding program about the hundreds of job openings for welders on Thursday.

Of the 340 full time jobs expected to come by mid-2013 about half of them are for welding technicians.

The expansion at the Kernersville manufacturing plant will include the expansion of Deere-Hitachi's hydraulic excavators; from 20 made per day to 28.

Deere-Hitachi is working with the 90 students in the special welding program, offering insight and job placement advice once the students complete the 12 month program next June.

Student Jason Laird said the program allows hands on training and exposure to top companies like Deere-Hitachi.

"The more time you get in the shop the more promising when it comes to interviews and just a little more confidence. Especially in a market like this to get your foot in the door," Laird said.

"There are several more in the community and just so happens Deere-Hitachi  is one of the better companies to possibly work for and I'd love to see what they have to offer."

Late registration for the program begins January 7th and 8th.

Deere-Hitachi is offering applications in its front office for other welders who want to apply.