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Fake animal control officers reported around Surry County

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DOBSON, N.C. — Surry County residents are asked to be on the lookout for fake animal control officers who may be wanting to steal their dogs.

The Mount Airy News reported that several cases of fake officers knocking on people’s doors have been reported in the past six months.

“We’ve had at least three incidents where people have been posing as animal control officers and knocking on people’s doors,” said Health and Nutrition Center Spokesman Thomas Williams, according to the paper.

Williams said the suspects insist on seeing paperwork on people’s dogs. He said they dress in uniforms and appear professional.

The suspects’ vehicles have been described in different incidences as a green Ford Ranger, a black Ford Ranger and a white full-size Ford pickup.

Officials said the case in under investigation. Anyone with any information can call the Surry County Sheriff’s Office at 401-8900.

Source: The Mount Airy News.