Sen. Kay Hagan to run again in 2014

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(CNN) – Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina said she plans to seek a second term in 2014, her office confirmed Tuesday.

Known as a centrist, Hagan is considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats who’ll be defending a Senate seat in two years.

“I’m up for re-election in 2014, and yes I do plan to run for re-election,” she told a Hendersonville radio station.

Hagan was elected in 2008, when she defeated then-Sen. Elizabeth Dole, a Republican, in a heated race.

Since wining her Senate seat, North Carolina has voted in a Republican governor and flipped from supporting President Barack Obama in 2008 to Mitt Romney in 2012. Republicans also picked up three House seats in the state this cycle, with another race still too close to call.

Democrats will be defending 20 of the 33 seats up for grabs in the Senate next cycle.

Source: CNN Political Wire