Rep. Womble breaks his silence after charges against him dropped

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- Just days after charges against former sate representative Larry Womble were dropped he is talking about what he remembers, what the past year has been like,his recovery and his thoughts on running for political office again.

"Your life can be changed in an instant," says Womble as he talked about how the crash as changed him and his perspective on life.

The car crash on December 2, 2011 left David Carmichael dead and Womble severely injured.

"There were many, many bones broken and crushed. I have been through extensive therapy and I am still going through therapy," says Womble.

"The stage right now, I am trying to stand up and walk."

Womble is now blind in one eye, but that doesn't stop him from going to therapy 3 days a week.

He says one pressing burden lifted off him this week, the dismissal of criminal charges against him.

His attorney David Freedman says,"we obtained information from witnesses that would indicate that the car in it's proper lane of travel was Mr. Womble's car not Mr. Carmichael's.  I shared that with attorney general's office, they investigated those witnesses and did further investigation on their on and told us the charges would be dismissed."
"I am glad the truth came out," says Womble. "It was not like it was first investigated and first reported."

While healing slowly, Womble says he's also praying for the Carmichael family and holds no ill will against investigators who first blamed him.

As for the future, Womble says running for office is not the first thing on his mind, but not out of the question..

"I hope to be back in some way, I'm not off the scene," says Womble.