Inspired Living: Blankets for the homeless

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An 8-year-old from Reidsville found inspiration in the most unlikely of places and it set the wheels in motion for a charitable project that warms the hearts of everyone who hears about it.

Leah Travis noticed homeless people sleeping under several bridges that she passes riding with her mom Lisa on the way home every day.

"One day we were riding under and Leah just pointed out that somebody was sleeping under the bridge." Lisa Travis said.

The conversation that sparked led to the question of how Leah could help homeless people.

Ultimately they came up with blankets. and so Leah started collecting them.

Leah passed out flyers in the neighborhood, at church, school, the dentist and before she knew it, blankets were piling up.

"It says, Hello My name is Leah, I am collecting blankets for people in need." Leah reads from her handwritten flyer.

She collected more than 60 blankets.

At the Southside Mission in High Point, Ed Price and his crew serve meals to the homeless and needy 365 days a year.

"It was amazing, when I heard about it I said I want to meet this young lady." said Price

Leah's a typical 8 year old, boisterous and giddy and even though she's not quite sure what to say in the presence of the people at Southside Mission, she gives blankets to the people who are here for help.

And these people were grateful, thanking her and smiling, happy to get a blanket to get them through another chilly night.

"We all take a blanket for granted. So many folks don't have one." said Ed Price

Leah even inspired her friend Xio to come along and help, brining 100 peanut butter sandwiches.

Quite an inspirational gift all from the mind of an 8 year old.

"I'm so happy they're gonna have a good night tonight.", Leah said.

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