Fire involving ‘multiple structures’ in Denton

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PIEDMONT, N.C.- Firefighters across the Piedmont were busy fighting home fires, structure fires, and a wildfire.

The Bald Mountain fire started on Sunday night and grew to a little more than 100 acres.

Around 12:30 Monday afternoon, another fire in Davidson County called some crews off the Bald Mountain Fire.

More than nine structures were involved in the fire on South Main Street in Denton.

“The warehouse is gone. My shop is gone. The garage is gone. We lost six vehicles, golf cars, lawn mowers, you name it everything is gone, except my motorcycle,” explains Michael St. John, whose property was damaged in fire.

The fire slightly damaged one home deeper into the woods and crept close to St. John's home.

Inside one of the burnt warehouses were shelves stocked to help the hungry.

“We store a lot of food in there that we use for our homeless mission," explains St. John.

Firefighters from eight different departments battled the three acre fire.

Some were called down from the Bald Mountain Fire.

The Denton Fire Chief says the two major fires caused his crews to shift resources quick.

“We sent three guys and a brush truck to help them and shortly after that it all broke loose,” explains Raeford Dorsett, Denton Fire Chief.

The Forest Service says the dry conditions are perfect conditions to spark a fire.

They are advising people not to burn outside despite wanting to clean up debris in yards.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused both fires.

No one was hurt in either fire.

"At the end of the day the most important thing is to you have your family around you,” says St. John.

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