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Officials: 45 trains pass through Jamestown every day

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JAMESTOWN, N.C. -- Forty five trains pass through the small town of Jamestown every day, according to the North Carolina's Department of Transportation.

The most recent accident happened in August, an Amtrak train crashed into a semi hauling limestone on Dillion Road.

Officials say the accident was a major reason the Department of Transportation did a crossing blitz Thursday. The holiday season was another reason. 

"Kids out of school they are rushing to get their Christmas shopping done and sometimes you come inattentive," says Nelson High, with the NC Department of Transportation. Officials say more than 6,000 cars pass over Jamestown's train tracks each day.

Law enforcement officers handed out flyers with railroad safety tips to drivers that crossed the tracks on Oakdale Road. Safety tips such as, never stop your car on railroad tracks and reminding drivers that trains cannot stop quickly.

Marcia Devlin's restaurant, Fresh Manna, overlooks the train tracks which is a perk for her place. 

"It gives you that small town feeling having the railroad close by and then a lot of people like to come by just to see the trains go by," Devlin said. 

Delvin's location is the prime spot to see dare devil drivers who try to take on the trains. 

"Sometimes I've seen a couple people get stuck there at least a couple times every week or so. It happens quite often, quite often there is somebody out there doing something silly at the train," admits Devlin. 

Authorities said Jamestown has seen three train accidents in the past five years.

People who try to beat trains will receive a ticket similar to running a red light or stop sign.