Connell Maynor leads WSSU into the Division Two playoffs

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Coach Connell Maynor is leading Winston-Salem State into the Division Two playoffs.

His Rams faced some big adversity in Saturday's CIAA Championship game against Elizabeth City State, losing his quarterback and a couple of offensive linemen to injuries. Ram nation was getting nervous.

But Winston-Salem State rallied to win the conference title. Then the next day, they gathered to watch the Division two selection show.

The rams got a first round bye and home field advantage all the way up until the national championship game. Last year they got so close to winning it all.

"I want it bad man," said Senior Center Markus Lawrence. "More than anything."

Amen to that, says CIAA defensive player of the year Linebacker Carlos Fields.

"I just feel like Florence, Alabama," he said.

That`s the site of the national championship game. But again, the rams need three wins to get there. and all three would be at Bowman Gray Stadium, a place that rocks.