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Veterans honored in Jamestown and High Point ceremonies

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- People all over the Triad found ways to honor America's veterans Sunday.

During a ceremony in Jamestown, Ragsdale High School ROTC students raised a new flag over the city's Town Hall.

Boyscouts from Jamestown Troop 17 helped retire old and torn American flags by cutting them into strips and properly burning them.

"The flag is cut into different strips so it doesn't resemble an American flag anymore," said Scoutmaster Rob Fisher, explaining the tradition.

Fisher said it was especially an honor for his troop to be involved on Veteran's day.

"It's important to pay respect and thank our veterans for their service whether active or retired," he added.

Veterans like Charles Dowdy are working to build a monument in Jamestown to honor veterans.

"I went in 30 days after graduating from High School here," said Dowdy, remembering his service with the US Army in South Korea. "You change from being a kid to being an adult."

"All gave some; some gave all," quoted Dowdy, reading the inscription planned for the back of the future Jamestown veteran's monument.

People in High Point also expressed their gratitude and patriotic pride by waving flags and cheering the Veteran's Day parade.

Shante Carter took her children to the parade to teach them the meaning of this special holiday.

"We're just here to help celebrate Veteran's Day. My children are younger so I want to teach them about the people who've served the United States to help fight wars, help our country out. Tell them how important it is."

Carter's grandfather, brother and sister served in the military. She was thinking of them and all of America's soldiers Sunday during the parade.

"Thank you!" added Carter. "Happy Veterans Day! Thank you everybody who has served."