High Point man claims poll worker told voter to vote Democrat

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A High Point man claims he observed a worker at a High Point polling location tell a voter to vote Democrat.

Ken Sharpe, of High Point, told FOX8 he was waiting in line to vote when he observed a poll worker approach a woman who needed help at the Springfield Friends Church polling station on East Springfield Road.

Sharpe said he watched as the worker allegedly showed the woman where the Obama button was, along with all of the Democrats on the ticket.

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“She was pushing the buttons he told her to push,” Sharpe told Fox News earlier Tuesday. “This is pretty shady.”

When it was Sharpe's turn to vote, the poll worker did the same thing, according to Sharpe.

"I said 'What if I want to vote a Republican ticket' - and she said in a very snarky tone, 'I guess you can if you want to.' That's cohersion," said Sharpe.

"We don't want to hear this in our county. We don't want to hear it anywhere. We hear a lot of stuff. We don't know what's true always and what really happened - but we take everything seriously because even if there's some kernel of truth there, we want to stop it immediately," said Charlie Colicutt with the Guilford County Board of Elections.

Sharpe said he called the FBI's voter fraud switchboard and filed a complaint.

The High Point Republican Party issued this statement on Tuesday afternoon:

The High Point Republican Party is dismayed to hear of possible voter intimidation/fraud in High Point’s third ward at Springfield Friends Church. We strongly discourage such activity and encourage all individuals voting today who suspect any type of voter fraud or voter intimidation to contact the High Point District Attorney’s office at (336) 822-6710.

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