Voters decide on ACC school bond and sales tax increase

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Alamance Community College wants to build a $15 million advanced applied technology center and to do so need voters to vote yes on that bond and on a quarter of a cent sales tax increase.

"I can't say with greater words we need it," said Jerry Enoch, a 28-year-old welding student at the school. 

Enoch said he has dealt with the cramped classrooms and his instructor, Michael Holt said his classes are maxed out. 

"When you're sitting there telling an 18-year-old student that this is their dream or this is the second career for someone, 'you can't come in here,' it's like turning someone away from the dinner table. It sucks," said Holt, a welding instructor at ACC.

The welding classroom has run out of room for students and even for equipment that's donated. 

"We've had people and companies say we can give you some equipment would you like some? Yes, we would but we have no where to put it," Holt said.

The quarter of a cent sales tax increase would cover the bond debt and go toward economic development. The proposed classroom would be a 2-story building on campus that would hold the machining, welding, automotive, carpentry and HVAC. 

"A lot of the people who are unemployed want to use their hands so they're going to have get back in a trade using their hands and these are the programs," said ACC President Martin Nadelman.

FOX8 spoke to some voters who said enough with the bonds. 

"A dime here, and a dime, there pretty soon you're talking about real money,” said Ronnie Roupe, who voted no on both issues. “It all adds up.”

If approved, it would take about a year to start building the new classroom. The projected completion date is January 2015.