Forsyth Co. election workers expect slower election day

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- In Forsyth County, more than 750 poll workers, county staff, and elections officials spent the day getting the county's 101 precincts set up and ready for the polls to open at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, but they said they don't expect voter turn-out to be unmanageable since more than 98,000 people voted early.

County officials expect roughly 75 percent of registered voters to turn out for Tuesday's election and say with so many having already cast their ballot they don't expect long lines much of the day. 

Officials say they expect the biggest crowds in the morning.

“If at all possible don't be the first in in the morning. Those tend to be the folks that have to get to work if you have some freedom and can do it later in the morning early afternoon that is probably the best time,” said Rob Coffman.

Forsyth County estimates it will spend about $500,000 on this year's election. 

That cost includes 15 early voting locations and 101 precincts on election day as well as ballots, equipment, and pay for all the poll workers.

Coffman says Tuesday people will see the impact of early voting.  

"I am really expecting a low turn out tomorrow cause frankly we have probably already had 60 percent of the people already vote," he says.