Trader Joe’s officially opens in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Trader Joe's officially opened in Winston-Salem on Friday.

Now that the store has officially opened, retail marketing experts at Wake Forest University say consumers and competitors can expect a ripple of changes at other area grocery stores.

Dr. Sheri Bridges with the Wake Forest University Center for Retail Innovation says competitors will have examine prices and shelf items.

“I think what this will do is force the competitors to look at their offerings and say look we are going up against a store that is known for having really neat things at very good prices what can we do to some of our assortments so we don’t lose some of our consumers,” said Bridges.

Bridges calls the store a “cult brand.”  A brand that excites customers and keeps them coming based on it’s changing retail offerings and lower price points.

“Trader Joe’s is what I call an adventure shopping destination when they go it’s going to be an adventure because they don’t know what they’ll find that they didn’t expect,” said Bridges.

While she doesn’t think area grocery stores are worried about the store stealing too many customers, Bridges does think stores will change their offerings and have more competitive sales and showcase goods which in the end is good for customers.

“I think we will see more breads around Christmas desserts that kind of stuff, a focus on seasonal things and a focus on some more unique items where you walk in and say wow I’ve never seen this before,” said Bridges.

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