Asheboro woman says cemetery didn’t deliver on their promise

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ASHEBORO, N.C.-- An Asheboro woman is frustrated after waiting a prolonged period for her mother and father's burial plot to be complete with items the family already paid for.

For the past few days Patricia Kearns has gone back and forth with an area cemetery trying to get answers about why her parents final resting place is incomplete.

Kearns' father died in 2005 and her mother passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack in July.  Both were buried at Randolph Memorial Park in Asheboro.

Kearns says a few days after her mom was buried, she ordered a bench and a vase to go along with her headstone. She paid Randolph Memorial Park close to $3,000 for the items which were suppose to arrive 8 weeks later.

"How can you promise somebody something and not deliver on it, " said Kearns adding her mom paid for it 5 years before she died.

Kearns says she was finally able to get through to the workers at  Randolph Memorial Park after  being ignored.

Kearns say the cemetery apologized for the problems and her items would arrive by next week. However, Kearns still doesn't believe it.

"It's just one excuse after another. I can't buy it," Kearns said.

When contacted, workers at the cemetery would not answer any of questions pertaining to Kearns' issues.

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