Students campaign against bullying in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Philip Krongkon and his friends are standing up against hate and at Friday nights football game they shared their message of peace.

he Smith High School junior and several classmates, part of the Anytown program, came up with a campaign to help end bullying.

After greeting fans arriving to the stadium Krongkon, raised in the jungles of Cambodia, took to the microphone during halftime.

"We are blessed to have America to our soul, but there is one thing that we miss among our nation, is to stop "hate," Krongkon said.

"For all of you that are in this stadium, tonight. I want you to think a situation where you been bullied or a situation you bullied someone? How does that feel, and why do you do it? Whatever, the situations are, tonight is the new beginning for you all. Leave the evil works you have done and walk out of here with fresh soul," said Krongkon.

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