50 animals found at a home in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – Authorities say they need to find homes for 50 animals that were found living in and around a home on Fairview Drive.

Last Friday, neighbors contacted authorities to complain about the living conditions of 42 cats and 8 dogs living in and around Susan Epeli’s home. Epeli says the animals are like her own children but because she has fallen on hard times she is unable to pay for the animals medical needs.

Lt. Melissa Carter says a city ordinance limits the number of animals a family can have, a maximum of three dogs and four cats per home. Aside from the number of animals, the city’s biggest concern is the animals haven’t been vaccinated, or spayed and neutered.

Epeli says she has tried to find some of the animals a new home, and never considered taking them to an animal shelter.

“They'll put them to sleep and it just tears my heart up,” said Epeli.

On Friday, authorities removed five of the cats from the home in hopes of finding owners that could provide the animals with the proper care they need.

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