Bourbon maker stirs up party pride

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(CNN) — With the election only weeks away, we all have a choice to make. Some of us already know for whom we’ll be pulling the lever, while others may still be on the fence.

Now there’s another choice to make. Red State Bourbon or Blue State Bourbon. The first has a elephant on its label, the other, a donkey. Both bottles have the same hand-crafted bourbon whiskey inside, made in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Heaven Hill Distilleries,, which introduced the bourbon in January with the start of the primary season, will donate a dollar to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for every Facebook “Like.” As of this writing, the Red State bourbon Facebook page leads with 1,033 Likes to Blue State Bourbon’s 367 likes. Could it be the Republicans just drink more bourbon?

After this year’s election is over, so will be Red State and Blue State bourbon. So, which bottle will you choose?

Source: CNN NewsWire