Guilford Co. Planning Board votes against rezoning prison farm

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C.- The Guilford County Planning Board voted against rezoning 760 acres of land in Gibsonville.  The land is where the county's prison farm is currently.

Some county leaders want to rezone the land to use it as a corporate park, which would attract businesses, generate revenue and create jobs. 

"That site is extremely attractive we haven't been able to find another site like that in the county," said Dan Lynch with Greensboro's Economic Development Alliance.

Proponents say businesses won't waste their time looking at a piece of land if it isn't already zoned.  Lynch says the county has already missed out on three large projects because the land isn't rezoned and ready for businesses.

The latest project is a food distribution center. It backed out of the site and took 500 jobs with them.

In Wednesday night's meeting, the Guilford County Planning Board agreed that they wanted to bring more jobs to the county, but the majority said this corporate park plan was too rushed.

"You've come to us with a dream, which is great -- build it and they will come maybe yes, maybe no?" explained Joe Wood, Guilford County Planning member.

Wood was one of the six members who voted against rezoning the land saying the plan needed more details before they would give it the go ahead.

Anyone can appeal this decision within 15 days.  If the decision does get appealed it could go back in front of the Guilford County Commissioners.