Friedberg Elementary works to make intersection safer

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ARCADIA, N.C. -- Friedberg Elementary School made some changes Monday to prevent more accidents during school drop off and pick up at the intersection of Alice Court and Friedberg Church Road in Davidson County.

The intersection only gets congested two times a day, but according to the Highway Patrol that congestion caused an accident Friday and may have caused another one Tuesday of last week.

Monday, the principal and vice-principal directed traffic and had cars file two lines to wait in the parking lot instead of one, reducing the number of cars waiting to turn into the school from Friedberg Church Road.

Jenn Salmon, whose daughter Riley is a Friedberg student, witnessed Friday's accident.

"We were the next car in line," Salmon said. "[It was] horrible. The only thing you heard was just tires screeching, the glass breaking, the child and the parent screaming as they were being hit."

According to the Highway Patrol, there were no injuries from the accident.

Salmon said seeing it, though, was still unsettling. She suggested getting a sheriff's deputy to direct traffic.

"Wrecks can happen but it just seems it'd be less of a chance if we had help out here," Salmon said.