Number of Guilford Co. registered voters increases

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C.--The numbers of registered voters have picked up in Guilford County since the 2008 election. With as man as 351,000 people registered, some area groups want to see that number grow even higher.

The Guilford County Board of Elections says they're registering about 2,000 people each week and expect that number to increase as the deadline approaches.

Agencies across the county are doing their part and trying to register people to vote at libraries, college campuses, and on street corners. 

"I really want to contribute to voter registration," said Joe Rountree, of Hickory Tree BBQ. 

Rountree's restaurant is one place where people needing to register can fill out the necessary paperwork. 

"I'd say something like if you fill that out and you stick it in they are going to send your voter registration card right to your door, you don't even have to go downtown," explained Rountree.

So far Rountree has turned in about 40 registration forms.  In 2008, there were 343,000 registered voters, 8,000 less than this year so far.

Rountree doesn't tell people which way to vote. 

"I don't mix politics. I just entice them to register.  I just want them registered -- every person that walks through that door -- I want them registered," said Rountree.

The deadline to register is October 12.

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