Deer crashes into long boarder at 40 mph [Viral Video]

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GOLDEN, Colo. — Nothing can threaten the validity of the term “defying” in the phrase “death-defying downhill longboard race” like a deer. That’s what one participant in the Buffalo Bill Downhill on Lookout Mountain found out over the weekend.

A now-viral video posted to YouTube shows the racer flying down the hill at speeds near 40 miles per hour when a deer running across the road comes into the picture. The rider and the deer collided, sending both rolling into the trees and dirt on the side of the course.

“Dude totally tackles a deer!!!” wrote the person who posted the video on Saturday. The video’s title: “When reindeer attack!” (though reindeer is misspelled and used in a grammatically incorrect fashion in the actual title).

According to reports, both the longboarder and deer suffered only minor injuries.

Written by , KDVR.

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