Video: Gene Simmons’ daughter auditions for X FACTOR

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Her dad is the snake-tongued bassist for KISS celebrated around the world, but Gene Simmons’ daughter wants no part of that recognition.

In fact, that’s what Sophie Tweed-Simmons said on stage when she auditioned for THE X FACTOR in San Francisco recently.

The 19-year-old aspiring singer appeared nervous as she introduced herself to the judges — and thousands of onlookers in the crowd.

“I didn’t want any help,” the teen said after the judges reacted to her celebuspawn status.

A behind-the-scenes camera shot captured the nerves of her uber-famous parents (mom is Shannon Tweed-Simmons) before the audition.

Then, she launched into a pretty, yet understated version of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love.”

Were the judges impressed? Watch above to find out!

*Note: The audition happens around the 3:00 minute mark, but you might want to watch until the end for her dad’s reaction!

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Article written by Lindsay Buckingham, WJW