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Teen accused of attacking Dudley teacher appears in court

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The teenager accused of attacking and beating her high school substitute teacher appeared in court for the first time Thursday.

Substitute teacher and Pastor, Wole Ajala says he spent the day at the doctor's office and is now in bed recovering.

"I am in a lot of pain," said Ajala in a phone interview.

Khavasia Vaughn, 18, had her first appearance in front of Judge Pete Hunter and is charged with disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, and felonious assault on a school administrator.

Vaughn was arrested at Dudley High School Wednesday afternoon by Greensboro Police officers.

The Assistant District Attorney elaborated on the alleged incident in court claiming Vaughn hit Ajala across the face with a closed fist. The substitute teacher was knocked to the ground unconscious, and officers reported that Vaughn continued to beat him while he was on the ground.

The ADA says Ajala was beaten so severely he was still unconscious in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The state requested -- that based on the seriousness of the allegations -- Vaughn's bond be set at $25,000. However, the judge decided to keep her bond set at $5,000.

Judge Hunter ordered Vaughn not to return to Dudley High School's property and not to have any contact with the victim in any way.

A court representative said she'd spoken with Ajala and said that he was afraid of the defendant and did not want her to be released.

Vaughn's mother and grandmother stood up for Khavasia in court saying they were upset and confused by the charges against their teenager.

Both women claimed that the incident is "totally out of character," and that Khavasia is a "good girl." One of the women said, they "don't understand what happened."

Officials have not released a motive for  the attack.

Vaughn's next court date is set for October 23rd.