130th annual Dixie Classic Fair to open Friday

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- A team of 9 inspectors from the North Carolina Department of Labor, hundreds of volunteers, and hundreds of employees with Strates Shows are getting ready for Friday's 11 A.M. opening of the 130th Annual Dixie Classic Fair.

Ride inspectors say they have to look at every ride multiple times before they are cleared to open. Inspectors say the ride must meet all manufacturer specifications or it won't be allowed to open.

"We check every nut and bolt, washer, screw, seat, and steps.  We go over the whole ride fencing and all and everything has to be 100% or it don't open," said Tommy Petty, Department of Labor Bureau Chief.

There are 76 rides for inspectors look at this year.

Along with the ride inspections, volunteers are busy judging more than 33,000 agricultural, craft, collection and baking entries.

Fair organizers say the Dixie Classic started as a showcase of area agriculture and it's important to them to keep that portion of the fair strong.

"Its an educational thing for folks who live in urban areas and don't deal with farmers on a normal daily basis. It's to get educated about what it takes to grow food supply and what takes to have food safety in place," said Fair Director David Sparks.

The gates open at 11 on Friday morning. The fair runs through October 7th.

For more information on concert schedules, shows, ride prices and exhibits check out http://www.dcfair.com.