Thomasville to spend $800K to upgrade old pump station

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Residents in Thomasville could face higher water and sewer bills soon , as the city reportedly considers more than $800,000 in proposed upgrades to an old pump station.

An architecture firm from Charlotte recommended the upgrades for the East Davidson Pump Station, which was constructed in 1965. The East Davidson Pump Station sits on Old Emanuel Road not near East Davidson High School.

Initially, the station was only purposed for an average flow of 500,000 gallons each day. The upgrades would allow the station to handle about 3.1 million gallons each day.

Thomasville City leaders say the pump station has caused numerous sewage spills. In 2009 nearly 3 million gallons of sewage spilled into Abbotts Creek and High Rock Lake. Thomasville was fined thousands of dollars because of it.

More recently 140,000 gallons of sewage spilled from East Davidson Pump Station in August.

But some feel the city’s plan come at a bad time. Jason Varner who's lived in Thomasville all of his life, questions how the city will use the 65-cent increase.

Varner says those who live in Thomasville just saw a 4-percent increase on their water and sewer bills. Varner feels enough is enough.

"This problem goes back years and years. Why did they wait until now to fix it. I mean, it needs to be done, but on the backs if taxpayers, “Varner said.

Thomasville city leaders have applied for a state grant that will cover $563,000 of the upgrades. The city will have to borrow the rest from a revolving loan.

The city expects the upgrades should start by the beginning of 2013.

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