Winston-Salem conference attracts big names in entertainment

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is hosting the North American Entertainment Innovation Conference and professionals from Broadway, Disney, MAC Cosmetics, and Cirque du Soleil are just a few recognizable names in attendance. 

The purpose of the first ever conference is to showcase and train working professionals on the latest technology being used in stage and screen production work. 

Joe Tilford, Dean of UNCSA's School of Design and Production says, "the connecting thread for everything here is innovation what's new,  what are new ideas, what are things that are working."

The conference is featuring computer controlled equipment that helps actors and scenery fly around the stage. It's also showcasing the latest in make-up, 3D scenery paint and costuming.

Costumers from Michael Jackson's "The Immortal" World tour are presenting ideas.

Also in town, fresh from doing make-up at the Democratic National Convention, Victor Cembellin, Senior Artist for MAC. 

Cembellin says,"the facility, the faculty, the guest speakers coming into this conference it seems like the best kept secret and I think Winston-Salem should be really proud to have something of this magnitude coming through their city."

More than 400 people are in attendance at the conference which ends Saturday.