Winston-Salem cashing in on the Dash

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- The Winston-Salem Dash are hosting the playoffs and it's not just the stadium that's cashing in on the extra games.

"It's huge you get another chance to have two to three games here at BB & T Ballpark," explained Brian Boesch, with the Winston-Salem Dash. 

Nearby businesses are liking that chance as well.  "We're really looking forward to some wins to prolong the season to prolong people coming out down here," said Evan Lyles, manager of Foothills Brewery. 

The brewery is about six blocks away from the stadium.  Lyles says they get a crowd of about 50 before and/or after the games. 

Everything from ticket revenue to food sales, the Dash is liking their home field advantage.  It's too early to estimate any sales projections.

"As to exactly how much we don't know but you get more butts in the seats you have chances to sell the products and concession stands," said Boesch.

The Winston-Salem Dash lost their game one Wednesday night.  Game two is schedule for Thursday night.  First pitch is at 7 p.m.