HPU students in Charlotte covering the DNC

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- High Point University students are on the road working the Democratic National Convention as a part of their reality series, "The American Dream Project."

The students, led by Communications professor Carol Davis, are hosting forums and working as journalists. They also filmed their project in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

“This is a rather interesting time in the world of politics. Youth feel disengaged, I might even count myself in that, but I’ve become more engaged since starting this process,” said sophomore Hayley Ellman, who produced a Religion and Politics forum Wednesday afternoon.

“Everybody has a story to tell and it’s really cool that we’re on the end, that we’re able to tell it," said HPU senior Sarah Martin, who works as a reporter for the project.

Johnathan Jones, a senior from Nashville, works as a photographer for the project. He’s snapped the likes of celebrities like Ty Pennington and politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

“It’s really just about the people that are here, so whether it’s the protesters or the normal people you see here everyday, it’s meeting those people and figuring why they’re here," Jones said. 

You can follow the American Dream Project at myamericandream.us.