Stricter guidlines go into effect for NC restaurants

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Restaurants across North Carolina have new rules to follow after the Division of Public Health issued stricter guidelines that will go into effect on Saturday.

"It's just a push to get the food no matter where you travel safer for you," explained Sandy Ellington with the Guilford County Health Department. 

One of the biggest changes customers will notice is all chefs wearing gloves. 

"Food handlers now are required to wear a glove -- which is a great change. We've had people ask, 'why are they not wearing gloves when handling my food?' and now we are requiring that," explained Ellington.

Another change customers may notice is the rating cards hanging up in restaurants.  Now restaurants cannot have a score above 100.

Matthew Hand works at Fincastle’s in downtown Greensboro.  He gets the reasoning behind the new rules.  

"I understand it's all about health of the public, that's what we're here for, feeding them good food in a safe manner," said Hand.

Restaurants must have a certified food protection manager during hours of operation. 

Customers are now allowed to order undercooked food, such as a rare burger.  The restaurants must have some type of warning posted to warn customers of the potential danger. 

"Basically, if you eat something that we don't think is a real good idea, and you get sick, that was your choice… you decided," explained Ellington.

Food has to be kept in refrigerators that are set at 41 degrees or lower.  Opened food must be marked with an expiration date.

The new rules take effect Saturday, September 1.

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