Single gender classes at Carver High School in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- Carver High School in Winston-Salem is trying single gender classes in some 9th and 10th grade courses in hopes of improving end of course testing, student learning and discipline.

School officials said they are using the female only and male only classes in English 10, Algebra 1 and Biology. 

Administrators said the idea is to remove all distractions so students can focus.

Assistant Principal Robin Willard said "we decided we needed to do something to bring up our end of exam grades because our students weren't succeeding like we wanted them to."

Teachers went to specialized training in Chicago to understand how males and females learn differently.

Some students weren't so excited about the changes but after the first week 9th Grader Jonathan Gonzalez said, "I like the class I'm in right now I can focus."

9th grader Kimberly Litte said, "there is less of a teacher arguing at the boys cause it's just us girls."

Roughly 300 students are taking at least one single gender class. Administrators said when mid-year testing rolls around this winter, they hope to see an improvement in achievement scores.  

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