More Maid Brigade employees come forward about not getting paid

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- More and more employees at a Winston-Salem business are coming forward about not getting paid.

The owners of the locally owned and operated Maid Brigade in Winston-Salem are accused of writing bad pay checks to their employees, going weeks without paying them.

Cliff and Marie Keith, owners of the cleaning company, would not comment on the accusation when they returned to their office late Monday night.

"It comes a point when it gets ridicules," said Michelle Hairston one of the latest former employees to come forward.

Hairston said she resigned after several red flags including the owners never taking her information for tax purposes. She said she also questioned why she and others were made to work some days for 15 hours.

"You go to work at anywhere from 6 to 8 in the morning, you go all day long ... don't get off till anywhere from 7:30 until 9 0'clock at night... all this time no breaks, no lunch, no stopping," she said.

Brittany Tate said she took a job with Maid Brigade two weeks ago to help pay her way through college.

"I just want my paycheck, that is all I want," she said. "Both paychecks have bounced," she said.

Employee Nancy Leun said she has been trying to get paid for two weeks. She said her past two paychecks were no good.

"They can’t find [Cliff] in their system. When you pull up the account a different name is coming up," Leun said.

A customer service representative with Maid Brigade, based in Atlanta, said they’ve received several calls about their Winston-Salem franchise including calls from police. The customer service representative said neither Cliff or Marie Keith will return their calls.

The couple said they called police Monday night to be present as they wrote Leun a check for one week of work. Leun said the couple told her another check would be sent in the mail after they received proof of insufficient funds on a second check.

Brittany Tate said the couple didn’t pay her, suggesting she try the checks again and return with proof if the checks come back for insufficient funds.

Former employees say they have contacted police and the NC labor department asking for a full investigtion.

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