NC yearbook photos displayed in new online archive

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Yearbook photos from North Carolina’s colleges and universities dating back as far as the 1890s are now viewable online through a new digital archive.’s archive of yearbooks from 51 educational institutes across the state is available¬†for anyone to see, whether for purposes of research or simple curiosity.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, the grant-funded project was initiated more than two years ago by the N.C. Digital Heritage Center at UNC Chapel Hill.

“When we started the Digital Heritage Center, we wanted a couple of different projects that could reach the entire state, something that a lot of institutions could contribute to that would create some general interest,” Nick Graham, the project’s overseer, told the paper.

Most institutions responded warmly to the idea, shipping about 3,500 yearbooks to the center where more than 800,000 pages were scanned.

Among the schools that participated in the project are Wake Forest and Winston-Salem State universities.

“We get a lot of people contacting us, looking for a family member or an old yearbook photo… So this was a way for them to see it from their own home instead of traveling here,” said Tom Flynn, a documents archivist at WSSU.

Many famous North Carolinians can be found in the archive, including portraits of Andy Griffith at UNC Chapel Hill, Eugene Wolcott at the Winston-Salem Teachers College, and David Sedaris at Western Carolina University.


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