Police investigating multiple home burglaries in Burlington

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Police are investigating more than ten home burglaries throughout the community and some residents are concerned that the crimes are becoming more violent.

Kathy Flynn is still a bit shaken, after what happened to her neighbors on Scott Street.

Police say two young men kicked in the front door of her neighbor's home just before 2a.m. on Thursday. The men wanted money, had a gun and they assaulted some of their victims.

Since the beginning of the year, Burlington has had 14 home burglaries in random areas around the city. Investigators believe it's the same people committing the crimes and they could be in groups.

Flynn plans to be more alert on what's going on in her community and is even considering starting a neighborhood watch.

"We need to get this under control, because this cannot keep happening," said Flynn. "These kids are getting younger and younger, and if  they're starting this now at this age, who knows what they're going to do next."