Wilkes Co. soldier injured in IED blast recovering faster than expected

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WILKES COUNTY, N.C. -- Officials said the Wilkes County soldier who nearly died from an IED explosion in May in recovering faster than expected at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Chance Cleary's mother and father said they are taking turns caring for him. Doctors said at this rate, he'll be able to return home within a few months.

"I can't piece together the pieces of the puzzle," Cleary said, of the blast. "Like, Afghanistan is just one big blur to us."

Cleary said he does not consider himself a hero like some might.

"I'm not the hero," he said. "Not me. The guys who kept me alive and kept me going -- they're heroes. People here at the hospital, people that was on the flights with me -- They're the heroes in my book. Because I was just doing my job."

Cleary said he is doing much better and is able to bend weight on his legs and can walk around short distances.

He said he does not remember the blast but does remember his truck commander Staff. Sgt. Thomas Fogerty who dies in the blast and was later buried in Arlington Cemetery.

"His son was like, is that my Daddy in that box over there? That was pretty heartbreaking."

Cleary said he view life much differently and is thankful to be alive.

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