Winston-Salem jewelry store robbery victim released from hospital

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Just one day after poice said robbers shot Gold Express owner Todd Gower in the head while stealing from his store, Gower's father Leo said Todd is going to be fine.

Leo Gower said his son had thirty shotgun pellets in his head but will be released from the hospital Wednesday.

Police caught all three men suspected in Tuesday's armed robbery within an hour. Jamon Horton, John Williams, and Dewon Jamison are all in the Forsyth County Jail facing various charges.

Police apprehended the men after they attempted to blend in at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, causing security to lockdown the facility.

All three are now charged with attempted murder, two counts of robbery, and a count of kidnapping. Jamison is also facing a charge of firearm possession by a convicted felon.

Police said they all have prior criminal history, and all will remain in jail unless someone is able to put of 15 percent of their million-dollar secured bonds.

Despite the mess around him at the store, Leo Gower was all smiles while cleaning up Gold Express Wednesday morning.

"We're very blessed. We thank the Lord for watching over him. He could be looking down on us now and we know that," Gower said.

The back wall of the shop is peppered with shotgun spray, and one of the display cases is shattered.

"They took the shotgun butt and broke that glass case there," Gower said. "Of course, when they did that all the glass was all over everything so they couldn't get much."

Gower said police already returned all of the stolen goods to him.

Leo Gower retired from the Winston-Salem Fire Department in the 1990s. He bought Gold Express after that, but he eventually gave the business to his son Todd to run. Leo said although he's retired he worked with his son every day at Gold Express.

"We had just returned from vacation. It was the fist day back from vacation, and it was a pretty badc greeting," Leo Gower said.

Leo said he got to work about five minutes aftert the robbery. Police had already rolled out crime scene tape. His son Todd was bleeding, but he was also able to speak and hold his shirt on his head to try to stop the bleeding. Paramedics eventually arrived and took Todd Gower to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Leo Gower said hospital personnel were impressed with Todd's condition despite his injuries.

"That's what they told him at the trauma center: not many people come in here talking after they've been shotgunned in the head, so we are very blessed," Leo Gower said.

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