Officials: Coyotes becoming a concern in Stokes Co.

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. -- Officials in Stokes County are warning people not to leave their pets tied up overnight as coyotes are appearing to become more and more common.

Phil Handy with the Stokes County Animal Control said people call two or three times a week asking what can be done with coyotes. He said they get reports all the time that coyotes attacked dogs and cats that come up missing.

Larry Durham has a sheep and cattle farm near Walnut Cove. He said he used to hear the sounds of coyotes quite often until he add great pyrenees --  livestock guard dogs.

He said coyotes started becoming a problem on his farm about four years ago when he spotted them getting close as a lamb was being born.

"The coyotes would love to have that -- they will take a weak one," Durham said. "And I thought we have to do something I got the pyrenees."

Officials said the North American Coyote first migrated to North Carolina about 15-20 years ago and has slowly worked their way into our cities.

Handy said the animals are extremely intelligent and mainly attack their prey at night, including foxes, rabbits, and pets.

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