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Cascade Grandview Apartments without AC again

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- City inspectors returned to the Cascade Grandview Apartments after residents complained that the air conditioning wasn't working again.

When the air-conditioning unit broke the first time it took the management company several weeks to fix it, which was during some of the hottest days of the summer.

Residents said the unit hasn't been working almost a week on Thursday and being broken a second time the only thing residents could say was, "not again."

"I had company over and I cut my AC on," said Michael Chaney. "It was just pumping out heat."

"It's so hot in my room right now, I basically sleep outside on my balcony," said the resident.

Property Manager Tina Watts said that the air conditioning should be on by the end of the day. However, she couldn't make any promises.

Watts said that the problem with the unit stems from its age. Despite spending an astronomical amount money on a new part weeks ago, they are still having problems with the unit.

A city inspector said the property owners will have a hearing at the city on Monday. If any of the violations they were cited for are not fixed by then, they will be forced to fix it within 30 day. If it's not fixed they could face fines or possible condemnation of the building.

The inspector said it's not a requirement for homes or apartments to have air conditioning. However, if a building does have air conditioning it's required that it works.

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