High Point pulls bid for CFS call center

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- City leaders across the Piedmont have been creating incentive packages to lure a debt collection company to their community, and one city has decided to employ a different tactic.

Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem have all been competing for a debt collection company, CFS II, to open a new call center and bring up to 2,000 jobs to the Piedmont, however, High Point, just pulled its bid from CFS. 

According to city leaders, the competition between the cities has turned into a public bidding war.

"Incentive is only part of the deal, not the main consideration," said Loren Hill, President of High Point Economic Development.

Hill wrote a letter to the Parent Company of CFS that said the way the project has been handled from the beginning has been unusual, with the company telling media which buildings it's considering.

But what really turned off High Point city leaders, was a news article where Greensboro city leaders spoke about what was said in High Point's closed session meeting, and how they promised to outbid High Point.

"Why another jurisdiction chose to speak publicly about our incentive I cannot say.  They got it I assume from the discussion I had publicly with my counterparts in the region.  We speak very closely," said Hill.

"Pick us because we're the very best location as a region and that building might be the very best for your needs," said hill.

Greensboro Council Member Zack Matheny was surprised that High Point bowed out, but respects their decision.

"This case is unusual.  It's been very open and out there and we're all in a region that's striving and struggling for jobs -- so this is a unique situation," said Matheny. "I don't like competing against my sister cities, but that's just the case that we're in."

"The frustration went away the moment we sent our letter this afternoon," said Hill.

If CFS decides once and for all that High Point is the city for them, High Point said it will be open to working with them.


The Mayor of Greensboro said he is disappointed with members of Greensboro city staff for not keeping High Point's information private, but Greensboro will continue to try to lure CFS.

Calls made to the Mayor of Winston-Salem have not been returned.