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Summer heat not so miserable for some

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Hot and humid is pretty much standard for the Piedmont during summertime, and that creates problems for many. But one local mailman isn't one of them.

"Today... I feel pretty good," said Mike Ryals a local mail carrier.

Ryals takes extra precautions when he goes out. He packs five water bottles which are mixed with lemon wedges and seasalt. His wife also packs him fresh fruit to snack on along the way.

"Cherries," Ryals said, while holding up a big plastic bag of them, "I find this is a lot better than Gatorade and stuff like that."

Ryals said his truck, which is not air-conditioned is always hotter than the outside air.

"When it was 104 degrees a couple of weeks ago... it got up to 125 degrees in the truck," said Ryals.

Even so, Ryals said he prefers the heat to the cold.

"I would prefer it to be 95 degrees over 35. I'm a summer person. I don't care much for the cold."