Junior Johnson to sell Hamptonville estate in auction

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HAMPTONVILLE, N.C. -- NASCAR legend Junior Johnson is auctioning off his multimillion dollar, 150-acre estate near the line between Yadkin and Wilkes counties.

The first auction is set for 11 a.m. on August 7 at 1100 Glen Oaks Drive in Hamptonville.  The second auction will be held at the same location on July 31 at 9 a.m.

The racing pioneer gave FOX8 Photojournalist Stewart Pittman a personal tour of his Hamptonville mansion, which is visible from U.S. Highway 421.

Johnson, who has never lived far from the Wilkes County community of Ronda where he was born 81 years ago, is selling the estate and moving to a luxury apartment in downtown Charlotte in an effort to downsize.

Johnson said he sought only the finest materials when he built the estate with his own employees over a 2-year period, completing it in 1997.

“We were lucky.  We had a lot of good luck in our lives,” Johnson said.

Johnson cited his declining health as a factor in his decision to sell.

“I (have to) sell it because I can’t maintain it -- my health won’t let me,” Johnson said.

The 10,000-square-feet house includes with it, among other things, an auto shop near the back, a grand piano in the basement, and, of course, a “man cave.”

“I was figuring on living there the rest of my life,” Johnson said.  “It took me two years to do it, but everything in that house is triple what it’s supposed to be.”

Realtors originally listed the estate for $6 million and later reduced the price to $5 million, but nobody has a guess as to what it may bring in an auction.

Two separate auctions will be held: the first being for the estate and farm; and the second being for the farming equipment and racing memorabilia.  The auction will be conducted by the Rockingham-based Iron Horse Auction Co.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, there is an undisclosed reserve on the house that will prevent it from being sold if the best offer does not at least meet the reserve price.

However, there is no reserve on the equipment and memorabilia.