High Point family gets new car

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A High Point family, who has been without transportation for two years, is the recipient of a new car thanks to two local organizations.

The Barnabas Network and Wheels4Hope, both Greensboro non-profits, have teamed up for the first time. The Barnabas Network specializes in providing homeless, domestic violence victims, refugees and others in need of furniture, with gently used donated pieces.

"People who come to us are so grateful, even for (the comfort of) a chair. Being without basic furniture is something most of us can't even relate to,"said Executive Director Erin Stratford.

Wheels4Hope grew out of a Raleigh organizations. They provide those in need with donated cars.

"Greensboro us really a car dependent city," said Tawanna Jones, the city's Wheels4Hope hub director. "Having a car is really a necessity."

On Wednesday morning, the two groups met in the parking lot of Barnabas' headquarters off Sixteenth Street in Greensboro. They held a car blessing for Renee Haskins, a single High Point mother, who said she'd submitted an application for a car two years ago through the Barnabas Network.

"Being a single mom, and raising now a grandchild, it's just been a struggle to get that down payment," said Haskins, who works in the medical field.

Haskins said she's avoided lemon cars, and depended on family, especially her aunts, for transportation, only going where she needed to over the past couple of years.

"I'm just truly blessed. I thank God for this," Haskins said of the Mercury mini-van she was presented.

For more information on donating to either organization, or receiving an application for aid, visit www.thebarnabasnetwork.org or www.wheels4hope.org.