Nine men arresested after a multi-county crime ring

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DANBURY, N.C. -- Detectives with the Stokes County Sheriffs Department have arrested nine people in connection with a theft ring that spreads across Stokes, Surry and Rockingham County.

"I saw the car backing out of the driveway and thought they were turning around," said David Lane of Walnut Cove who says he was robbed while feeding his animals in his backyard.

Lane had a pressure washer, leaf blower and 20 gallon cast iron cooking pot stolen from his carport.

"Hope they put them away forever. If we don't start doing something about people like this they are going to over run us," he said.

"They would come up and knock on the door and if nobody answered the door they felt secure that no body was home. Then they would grab what they wanted right quick," said Major Jeff Lemons with the Stokes County Sheriffs Department.

"They were working together, not everyday they all would go out, be a couple of them today another couple tomorrow," said Lemons.

Investigators say over the past three months the men have stolen everything from power tools to tractors and selling them cheap.

Deputies were able to put the thefts all together thanks to witnesses.

Those facing multiple felony larceny charges include: Tony Lee Epperson, 40; Joe Franklin Epperson, 37; Jessie Allen Atkins, 24; Gerry Wayne Throckmorton, 37; Jamie Dewayne Throckmorton, 18; Joshua Edward Forbes, 23; George Earl Vargo, 36; Tommy Wayne Carter, 27 and Jason Ryan Throckmorton, 33, all of Walnut Cove.