AC unit at the Cascades Grandview Apartments fixed

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The air conditioning unit at an area apartment complex has been fixed on Thursday.

After residents complained for more than three-weeks, the ac unit at the Cascades Grandview Apartments is finally fixed.

Residents like Felton Sutton are still upset because of the way management handled themselves during one of warmest heat waves in years.

Sutton says he is already looking for somewhere else to live.

“It don't mean nothing to me,” said Sutton whose mind is made up. “I won't be happy here because I see what it's all about, I see what they will do again.”

The ac is working but management sent out a letter to residents warning of potential maintenance needed to be completed.

Management said crews are still working on the system and may need to shut it down periodically for safety reasons.