High Point woman bitten by wild fox

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HIGH POINT, N.C. --  A local woman is scared to venture out in her yard after being attacked by a wild fox on Saturday.

Elizabeth Grant was working in her yard when she was attacked by the animal.

According to Grant, the fox bit her twice on the lower leg.

When Grant called High Point Animal Control to capture the fox, she was told there was no one available. The High Point Police Department's animal control units work Monday through Friday and handle only domestic animals like dogs and cats.

When wild animals like foxes are involved, the HPPD refers callers to a list of approved pest control companies and contractors.

Captain Ken Steele said that's the best option.

"Please call us. If we can't handle it, and if it's not a domestic animal issue, we'll put you in touch with the right people," Capt. Steele said.

Elizabeth Grant's neighbor Evan Shick did not want to wait for a private animal control company

"If the city of High Point doesn't want to take care of it, I guess somebody's got to, right?" Shick said.

Shick spotting a fox a couple of hours after one bit Grant. Shick shot the animal with his 12-guage shotgun.

"It wasn't my first choice, but if it comes to one of the kids or taking a small fine which hopefully won't come about, I'm going to take the fine to protect the family. I don't know anybody who wouldn't do that," Shick said.

Capt. Steele said the HPPD does not plan to charge Shick, although it is illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits.

Animal Control in Guilford and Forysth Counties will pick up wild animals if they are sick, injured, or threatening, inside or outside of city limits.

The exception is High Point and Gibsonville in Guilford County, where police departments handle animal control. Davidson County will also try to protect the public from wild animals.

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