Baby monkey calls played to lure escaped monkey

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Monkeys at Wake Forest Primate Center in 2008. (Credit: LAUREN CARROLL/JOURNAL)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Searchers are now playing baby monkey sounds to find an 8-pound monkey that escaped from the Wake Forest University Primate Center on June 29.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center spokesman Chad Campbell told the Winston-Salem Journal that someone reported seeing the monkey in southwestern Forsyth County on Friday, but crews didn’t see the animal when they arrived.

Campbell said searchers have set up humane traps are playing baby monkey calls to lure the animal. Officials said they hope the monkey will respond to the calls because she is a breeding animal used in research.

The 16-year-old macaque monkey is originally from Indonesia and has been in captivity since 2008.

Officials said the monkey’s housing area had two barriers. The first one was open because of cleaning, but the monkey somehow managed to open the second barrier, a chain-link fence, according to officials.

Anyone with any information on the monkey can contact Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center at (336) 716-3305, Forsyth County Animal Control at (336) 703-2490 or Davidson County Animal Control at (336) 249-0131.

Credit: The Associated Press.