Level Cross boy happy his military parents are home

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LEVEL CROSS, N.C. – After a one-year deployment, a military mom and dad spent their first day at home catching up with their five-year-old son.

On Thursday, one day after Candace and Ryan Wood returned home from a yearlong deployment in Kuwait, they spent some family time with their only son.

 "Most parents are with their children their whole lives," Candace Wood said. "Your child falls down, you know every bump, bruise, scrape, scar. I've got a year’s worth... that I know nothing about."

The Wood’s son has spent the last year thinking of what he wanted the family to do together after they returned.

"Play with my games, play with my trains, and all kinds of everything" said five-year-old Robert Wood.

When Candace and Ryan started dating, Candace was already enlisted in the National Guard. Ryan said he liked what he saw, so he decided to join too.

"You give as much as you can," he said.

When at home, Candace and Ryan serve as volunteer firefighters at the Level Cross fire department. They've volunteered as firefighters for two years.

Their five-year-old said he wants to enlist in the National Guard just like his parents. "Not now," he said, "maybe when I'm older."

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